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Schedule a Housecall and we’ll be there.  This fee secures your medical visit on our schedule. Total cost will vary based on visit time and treatments rendered. Final payment will be due at the time of service in the form of debit or credit card.



Schedule a virtual visit for a simple infection, previously diagnosed condition or for medication refills.



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Tel: 727-403-5380


Cancellation Policy: For cancellations, please contact us at 727-403-5380. We are unable to provide refunds for same day cancellations. We appreciate your consideration as this allows us to deliver prompt care to all patients.

Local. Mobile. Complete.

Nationally Board Certified medical providers diagnose and treat you with needed medications or procedures and order or dispense affordable prescriptions and over the counter medications and supplies. 

Schedule your visit time and we’ll contact you with easy instructions for your virtual visit.  Housecall visits are for minor illnesses or injuries. Select a time on the schedule and we will see you soon.