Sick? Injured?

We come to you.



Convenient care

for minor

illnesses and injuries.



We even save you

a trip to the


Save Time and Money

When you are sick or injured, we save you a trip and treat you in your home, likely costing you less than a local Urgent Care of ER.

Trusted Care

Our providers are trusted members of the community and always treat you like a “local” to quickly get you back to your work day or vacation stay.

Virtual or Housecall Visit

Select virtual visit for a previously – diagnosed problem (like recurrent sinus infection or UTI), if you need a medication refill, or medical advice.

The Only Option Available Offering Complete Treatment

  • In-home care.
  • Identification of illness/ injury.
  • Simple testing confirming diagnosis (flu/strep/urinalysis).
  • In-home treatment options for conditions requiring care.
  • Administration of needed Rx and OTC such as breathing treatments, inhalers, nausea medicines, hydration therapy, therapeutic injections (ABX, steroids, vitamins, pain relief) laceration repair and wound care.

How it Works

  • Select your visit time on the schedule and we’ll be there. Virtual visits are reserved for medication refills and general medical questions.
  • Complete patient intake form.
  • We will assess, diagnose and treat your illness or injury, providing you with any necessary prescription or over-the-counter medications and supplies you may need. Chances are, we’ll even save you a trip to the drug store.
  • You’ll receive patient education and an invoice at the completion of the visit with billable codes to submit for insurance reimbursement.

About Us

Urgent Care Housecalls comes to you. We provide individual, convenient, and affordable medical care for minor illnesses and injuries.

No need to leave your home or vacation paradise. Get trusted, private, and complete care. We even save you a trip to the pharmacy!

No co-pay, deductible, out-of-network charges or long wait times. We value your health, peace of mind, and bottom line.

Local and Tourism / Hospitality




We appreciate our local residents and those working to make our slice of paradise an inviting, idyllic haven.

Service area

Local. Mobile. Complete.

Nationally Board Certified medical providers diagnose and treat you with needed medications or procedures and order or dispense affordable prescriptions and over the counter medications and supplies. 

Schedule your visit time and we’ll contact you with easy instructions for your virtual visit.  Housecall visits are for minor illnesses or injuries. Select a time on the schedule and we will see you soon.